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We interview our clients to gather information from them regarding their aims and objectives.

Our planning processes are aimed at helping us visualize the clients needs and give us a better understanding of the clients business and target demographic.

It is important that the production personnel are in tune with the clients needs.

We like to make sure our clients are completely clear on their roles in the production process.

We give them a task list which outlines what they need to do and when they need to do it.

This helps to minimize delays.

We assign resources to the project as required. Personnel are carefully selected matching their skillsets to the project requirements.

State of the art equipment and software are used as standard throughout our organization.

Any content for the website, both textual and graphic, that the client wants to include, or that we need to custom design, is scheduled to make sure that it is available to the designers on time. This helps to minimize delays.

We always like to have some indication of our clients budget for their project. This helps us to purpose a realistic solution that can be produced to meet both the clients expectations and pocket.

We always aim to keep projects within budget.

We give our clients an estimate of the duration of the project, including various milestones, at the outset of the project.

This includes recommendations for various actions to be taken by the clients, such as press releases, etc.


Our graphic designers will produce a number of initial concept sketches of the basic site design.

These will be based upon their interpretations of the information gathered during the Planning stage.

We ask our clients to review the concept drawings from the graphic artists, and based upon their comments and instructions, we produce a single design for the website interface.

Once our client is satisfied with the second phase design of the interface, we ask for any final alterations to the site, and for instructions to proceed with the project.

The final act of the design phase is to tidy up any comments raised by the client, and to make any last minute changes that may be required before the design is sent to the next part of the process.


Once the client has given approval one the final design, the project is assigned to the web team to transform the graphical image into a fully functional interface.

The listed chart shows the different skills that are required in the production of a quality website.

Project Manager
The Project Manager oversees the entire production process.

He is responsible for estimating timelines, and assigning personnel and resources to the project.

Creative Director
The Creative Director will liase with the client through the planning process, and will ultimately have control over the look and feels of the interface design.

Head of Programming
The Head of Programming will oversee the design and construction of any database scripting that is required for a project. He is there to provide advice on structure to the programming personnel.

Multimedia Programmer
Our Flash Animators are some of the vest in the world, creating award winning, interactive visual presentations that the viewer is guaranteed to remember.

ASP/PHP Programmers create the scripts that sit between the websites and the backend databases that drive them. This complex language allows us to input and extract data from databases to provide dynamic and highly interactive content.

Database Programmer
Our skilled database programmers are responsible for constructing the complex backend systems that operate behind the web sites we build. Databases allow us to provide huge amount of stored database by dynamically generating the pages that display the information.

Web Designer
Web Designers are the backbone of any project. They take the images produced during the designing phase and any elements produced by the programming staff, and tie them all together with a visual interface.

Graphic Artist
Graphic Artists are responsible for translating the initial ideas and suggestions into visual interpretations for the interface.

They create all the visual elements of the website interface.

Often we are asked to write the content for our clients websites.

Our copywriting team are capable of representating your company in the manner and style you wish to convey to your clients.

Many of our clients require product photography to illustrate their websites. Our state of the art digital photography studio ensures that their products are seen at their very best.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • eMarketing
  • Content Translation
  • Development Planning
  • Web Hosting
  • eCommerce
  • Payment Systems



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